Review Title: Perfect Place For Mom
By: Deborah / My loved one(s) live(s) or lived in this community

Moved my 92 year old mother to Bartlett almost a year ago and we both love it. It’s independent living but staff is always willing and able to provide help when needed. Resort is beautiful and the newly renovated dining room is simply stunning... magazine worthy. So very happy that A Place for Mom introduced me to Bartlett.

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My wife and I are now in our late 60’s and after viewing other retirement facilities chose Bartlett Reserve. The size and comfort of our apartment out-shined all the others. The convenience and flexibility of the dining room as well as the variety on the menu is a big plus. The additional amenities were very helpful in our decision.

Come join us at Bartlett Reserve.
— Howard via Senior Homes
Moving to Bartlett Reserve was an opportunity to begin a new life. I’m enjoying new friends, a variety of activities and restaurant dining. No more housekeeping, grocery shopping or cooking! Bartlett Reserve is family oriented. Let it rain or snow – we stay in, safe, dry and warm. The staff is exceptional and make certain we are happy.
— Marge J.
When I came down with a nasty case of the flu this winter, I confined myself to my suite so I would not spread the germ. Barbara and Carol (Front Desk Team) immediately noticed that I did not appear on my usual schedule. They phoned me at least once a day to see if I was ok, and to ask what they could get me to eat… which they did and delivered it to my door. They were extremely solicitous about my well-being, which I have noticed seems to be the “modus operandi” here at Bartlett Reserve, and is very much appreciated by us residents. This is a VERY nice place to live!
— John H.


My mom moved here in November, 3 1/2 months ago. Although she didn’t want to leave Florida, she has been very happy here, and as she says, no complaints. Food is always available and tasty. She loves that she can eat when she wants and the chef is very accommodating. Residents and staff are friendly and helpful. A real community where everyone looks out for each other. It feels like a family.
— Judy M. wrote via Senior Advisor
I saw the ad in the local newspaper in the fall of 2013. I came looking as I needed a different surrounding and to be around people. I was impressed even though they were still working on the community, as the building was still under construction. So I sold my house and moved into Bartlett Reserve in February 2014. A new beginning had begun. About 35+ lived here at the time. Friendships already established, and lots more to come. One of the things that interested me was the Activities that were being offered. We keep busy going to Symphonies, DPAC, Dinner Outings, Bridge and Swimming just to name a few. I am involved in being an Ambassador to new residents. I am the President of the BR Council and also a very active member of the Activity Dept. The staff at Bartlett are friendly, helpful and just plain nice. The Dining Room is busy and open from 7AM-7PM and the menu changes monthly and there are different specials offered daily. The wait staff and chefs do a great job. Changes for the good of BR have been made over the past 3 years and I believe we are a great model for Independent Living and we stay at 100%. Morgan Berkett had a dream and it is happening and will continue to grow...
— Ginny G.
Just can not say enough good things about this facility. The staff is outstanding in all respects. We are not residents, we are GUESTS and are treated accordingly. Our dog has a 2 bedroom/2 bath suite which he permits us to share. The unit is fully equipped and unlike other facilities, each room of the suite has its own ac/heating unit. The dining room is open 12 hours a day and you choose from a varied menu and when to dine. Activities and transportation are available daily.
— Richard H. via Senior Advisor
Having lived for several years in a very large retirement community with an institutional feel, we love the scale of Bartlett Reserve. It’s a friendly community with a real family feel. Before, we had to have reservations for dinner; here we can eat from 7 am to 7 pm, and the food is cooked to order, not sitting on a steam table. We’ve been here almost 9 months and have made many new friends. We wouldn’t change anything.
— Ed & Shirley M.



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