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Your retirement years are a time to live life on your own terms. Our comprehensive guide provides valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate this significant life transition. Whether you are looking to maintain an active lifestyle, build meaningful connections, or explore new passions, this guide is for you!
At Bartlett Reserve, we want to empower you to find your purpose. This guide also shares a glimpse of life in our independent living community in Durham, North Carolina.
What are you waiting for? Download your free copy today and start living the vibrant, active, and fulfilling retirement you have always wanted. Make it happen today!

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Why Choose Bartlett Reserve

Holistic Wellness

At Bartlett Reserve, we believe in nurturing the overall well-being of our residents. Our Independent Living Guide explains how our holistic approach to wellness includes physical, emotional, social, and intellectual components. We offer a wide array of activities, fitness programs, and creative outlets to encourage active living and personal growth.

Personalized Living Spaces

Explore our diverse range of spacious and thoughtfully designed living spaces. From cozy studios to expansive two-bedroom apartments, Bartlett Reserve offers comfortable options to suit individual preferences and needs. Our guide provides a closer look at the variety of floor plans available, showcasing how residents can personalize their living spaces to truly feel at home.

Bartlett Reserve Community

Learn about the welcoming and inclusive community at Bartlett Reserve. Our residents form meaningful connections and lasting friendships through shared interests and activities. Engage in stimulating conversations, participate in clubs and groups, or simply relax in the serene outdoor spaces – our guide highlights the various ways you can make the most of your time with us.

Embrace A Fullfilling Life

Download our Free Independent Living Guide now and embark on a journey to discover the vibrant lifestyle that awaits you at Bartlett Reserve. Whether you're seeking new adventures, a sense of community, or the opportunity to live life on your terms, our guide will help you find the perfect fit for your independent living journey.

Fine Dining Experience, Everyday

Indulge in exceptional dining experiences at Bartlett Reserve. Our culinary team crafts delicious and nutritious meals that cater to individual preferences and dietary needs. Learn how our elegant dining venues and restaurant-style service create delightful moments to savor with friends and family.

Personalized Care and Support

While independent living provides a carefree lifestyle, it’s essential to know that support is available when needed. Our Independent Living Guide outlines the support services offered at Bartlett Reserve, providing reassurance that compassionate care is always within reach.