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Is Durham, NC, a Good Place to Retire?

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Experience the essence of a graceful retirement in the warmth and calmness of Bartlett Reserve in Durham, NC. Located on a peaceful street, our community is surrounded by several dining options, malls, outdoor retreats, and nearby points of interest. 

Bartlett Reserve offers more than vibrant independent living options. We are a community where residents and team members form a tightly-knit family. Our mission is built on three pillars: anticipating your needs, being attuned to your desires, and ensuring a completely hassle-free living experience. We prioritize each resident’s privacy and offer services to enhance their independence.

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The Benefits of Retiring in Durham

A Mild Climate

The weather itself is reason enough to live here. With warm temperatures throughout most of the year, mild winters, and little snowfall, Durham is a welcoming destination for those moving from the harsher climates of the north. This pleasant climate, combined with the city’s manageable size and vibrant community, makes Durham an attractive option for retirees seeking comfort and ease.

A Welcoming Community

One of the best parts of moving to the area is meeting the great people across the city. Their kindness and openness will make you instantly feel at home. The friendly community in this mid-sized city of over 260,000 residents ensures a welcoming experience for newcomers.

A Rich History with Cultural Attractions

The city’s rich history and cultural vibrancy add to its appeal. Durham’s history is celebrated through various cultural events and landmarks, providing a unique backdrop for residents. Furthermore, Durham has emerged as one of the most appealing foodie destinations in the south, boasting an array of great restaurants, especially in the Brightleaf area, which offers excellent food, drink, and entertainment choices. This combination of historical richness and modern culinary excellence contributes to the city’s charm.

Why Choose Bartlett Reserve?

Exceptional Living Spaces

Bartlett Reserve offers residents comforting and elegant apartment-style accommodations. Our independent living community provides multiple floor plan options to meet your lifestyle’s diverse needs and preferences. We offer one- and two-bedroom apartments, each thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort, convenience, and independence. With Bartlett Reserve, individuals have the opportunity to choose a lifestyle that fits them and their unique situation. Whether you prefer a more intimate living space or a larger apartment to accommodate family or guests, there is a floor plan that meets your needs.

Beautiful Natural Surroundings

Nestled in a picturesque setting that could be straight out of a Southern storybook, Bartlett Reserve is an idyllic community offering a serene escape amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature. The grounds are adorned with stunning southern magnolia trees, crepe myrtles, sweetgums, pines, and hickories, providing a lush backdrop to this tranquil haven. Additionally, outings to explore the local culture will keep you entertained and connected to the latest events in the city.

Engaging Opportunities

Our signature programs are meticulously tailored to cater to individual interests and passions, allowing residents to engage however and whenever they want to. These programs are crafted to prioritize physical health, mental stimulation, socialization, and spirituality through faith-based events. Explore our on-site bistro for casual eats, participate in various programs that cater to diverse interests, and savor chef-prepared meals with friends in our upscale restaurant-style dining room.

Is Durham, NC, a Good Place to Retire?

See for Yourself!

At Bartlett Reserve, you are in control. Choose between learning something new with our classes and lessons or lying back and socializing with your neighbors to share good laughter and create lasting memories. Schedule a tour at Bartlett Reserve and experience what makes our Durham, NC, community an excellent place to retire. Start your new chapter today.