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Discover Summer Retirement Living in Durham, North Carolina

July 1, 2024

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Summertime in Durham, North Carolina, brings unparalleled excitement and warmth, transforming it into an exceptionally inviting destination for individuals eager to create lasting memories. 

With its deep-rooted history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking natural landscapes, Durham offers various programs that captivate individuals of all ages. This is why our team at Bartlett Reserve has crafted a vibrant guide for summer with the top plans to enjoy by yourself or with family. 

From exploring historic sites and engaging in cultural festivals to enjoying tranquil walks in lush parks, retirement living in Durham, NC, ensures a rich, fulfilling experience for visitors and residents alike, making every moment spent under its sunny skies truly special.

6 Things to Do in Durham This Summer

1. Family-Friendly Festivals and Events

Durham’s calendar is bustling with festivals and events that cater to all family members. One must-visit event is the Durham Craft Market, which takes place in Central Park. Check their website for upcoming seasonal events to marvel at the craftsmanship and perhaps find a handmade treasure or two.

Another notable event is the American Dance Festival, which offers performances accessible to all ages and mobility levels, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty of dance and performance art. These festivals provide entertainment and foster a sense of belonging and community, values that resonate deeply within Bartlett Reserve.

2. Explore The Great Outdoors

Durham’s landscapes are a canvas of natural beauty ideal for family excursions. The Sarah P. Duke Gardens offer a leisurely place where individuals can enjoy the stunning botanical displays. For those looking for more active pursuits, the American Tobacco Trail is perfect for a gentle walk, a bike ride, and even a horseback ride. It offers paved paths for easy access and natural settings ideal for a family picnic. These outdoor excursions provide a perfect blend of relaxation and physical activity, vital for maintaining health and wellness.

3. Local Dining Delights

What’s retirement living in Durham, NC, without good food? Durham’s culinary scene is as diverse as its population, with eateries catering to every taste and dietary need. From delicious pizza and locally sourced dishes to giving into a sweet craving at any of Durham’s most famous ice cream parlors, you will never be out of options to eat a delicious treat in this city. Many restaurants in Durham prioritize accessibility and comfort, ensuring that dining out remains a delightful experience for all.

4. Cultural and Historical Sites

Feed your soul and mind by visiting Durham’s cultural and historical sites. The Museum of Durham History offers accessible tours that take visitors of all ages through Durham’s rich past, presenting it in an engaging and educational manner. Meanwhile, the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University showcases global art from ancient to contemporary, providing visual stimulation and intellectual engagement. These visits not only entertain but provide a reflective space for intergenerational discussion and exchange.

5. Staying Cool and Safe

Summertime is radiant in Durham, but staying cool and protected from the sun’s rays is essential. Enjoying indoor programs during peak heat and staying hydrated during outings is pivotal. Venues like the Durham Performing Arts Center, with its array of shows and performances, offer a reprieve from the summer heat in a comfortable setting. Plus, the center’s accessibility ensures everyone in the family can enjoy the magic of theater.

Upcoming events for this summer include famous musicals like Mamma Mia! And The Rocket Man Show, comedy shows from Greg Gutfeld and Trey Kennedy, and even concerts from Air Supply. Choose your favorite ones and find tickets.

6. Enjoy a Sports Game

You don’t need to be a sports enthusiast to enjoy a thrilling Bulls Game. However, it’s an opportunity for fans to watch the most iconic team in the Minor League. The game is way more than just sports; enjoy delicious food from local restaurateurs and on-site breweries, as well as dazzling Friday night fireworks. 

The season kicked off in early April and features 75 home games, weekly themed nights, and local food offerings, ensuring you’ll be humming “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” all through the summer. Check out the upcoming game schedule and support your team!

Durham offers a vast calendar of events to enjoy this summer, helping you create wonderful new memories. At Bartlett Reserve, we promote active, retirement living in Durham, NC. We invite you to contact a member of our team for more information.